Nemam reči - K

osveženo dne 17-XI-2020 15:13:04
Thing is regional - see kajmak on Wikipedia. There's no word in English.
what kind of, like what, what like. As in "what's that smell", where "it's a smell" is not the expected answer.
"whuch" is the missing word in english, the proper question to which "such" is the answer.
be late - but that's an adjective, it's a property; "kasniti" is a verb denoting an action. Besides, being late is often used for the dead, the difference being only in the article: "the late postman" is a deceased postman, "the postman is late" is what he's doing, running behind schedule
run late - almost there, except that it should apply to things which can't possibly be running
be behind schedule - same misgivings as for "be late", plus the number of things/events which may kasniti is larger than the number of those which have schedules
ear - it's a no go, ear is a part of a mammal's head, while "klas" is exactly the seed-bearing part of a cereal
kod ~
at ~'s house - doesn't really cut it, because you can go "kod ~" even if he's standing in the middle of an empty field. Even if house is omitted, "at ~'s" doesn't work for many situations when something is "kod ~" and there's nothing to attach the 's to - "seo je kod Pere" - he sat at Pera's - Pera's what? Rock on the beach?
with ~ - actually quite wrong, because you can go "kod ~" on your own; that's why "thanks for shopping with us" sounds wrong to me - I'm shopping without any assistance or accompaniment
as an unit of measure, when selling apiece. I've seen larger fruit priced "3
each" - well, give me four eaches of these, please. In serbian, it's "4 komada".
"where to" as a single word.
a person bathing
in sea, river, lake, not in a bathroom
swimmer - is actually wrong, a kupač may not be a swimmer at all
A malfunction which wasn't there before. An artifact can malfunction from the beginning, but that's not a kvar; it has to have functioned fine first and then to "pokvariti se" (see below) to develop a kvar.
bread fried in a batter, but the batter is just beaten eggs, so it isn't "breaded bread", it's more like "egged bread"
setting hen - but only of the chicken persuasion, not of any other bird.