Ambiguity, thy name is English - Y

last refreshed 06/15/2017 08:23:03 PM
yield to maturity
interest cropping up until a bond matures
surrender when faced with a mature
you can move yourself
you can put yourself elsewhere
you can make motions on your own
you can change the location of your household on your own
you can have emotional impact on yourself
you can only order coffee here
you can order it, but you can't drink it, take it for a walk or do anything else with it
you can order only coffee and nothing but coffee - no pastry, no tea
you can order just plain coffee, without any add-ons in it
you can give your orders to coffee, nobody else will take them
this is the only place where you can order coffee
you can only order it here, but it will be made and delivered elsewhere
you can take your class somewhere else
you can attend the course elsewhere
you can take your students somewhere else
you can move the code of your class to another file
you can show off your classy manners elsewhere