Ambiguity, thy name is English - T

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take a banana upstairs
go upstairs and carry a banana there with you
go upstairs and take a banana from there
take a case to court
take a hard bag to a date
take a case [of beer] to [insert sport here] court
take a [legal] case to court [of law or of anything else]
take a case [of anything] to the food court
take off
remove a peace of garment off a body
become airborne
terminal: it's not a terminal problem
it's not a life threatening thing
it's not a problem with your terminal
the eight arranged chairs around it
the eight chairs, which were arranged around it
the eight guys arranged chairs around it
The key thing is getting them to trial
the key thing is to have a trial for them
they are brought to trial by the key thing
the last living man to walk on the moon
the last living man will walk on the moon
the last living man among those who walked on the moon
the late, great HBO series
the deceased HBO series
the series which went on HBO around midnight
the series which went on HBO recently
the series which HBO should have had earlier; when they did, it was too late
the military and religious fundamentalists
the army and the people of fundamental faith
the military fundamentalists and the religious fundamentalists
the fundamentalists who are both military and religious
The state thus paid some €15.77 million for the used tests.
for the tests which they have used
for the second hand tests
the table would be read only there.
the table wouldn't be read elsewhere
there it wouldn't be written, just read; elsewhere isn't defined
They hit the man with a cane
they hit the man using a cane
they hit the man who had a cane
third fifth bank
there were several fifth banks, this is the third of them
the bank named after the fifths of something, third one of these
third: the third ot the waiting men
the third one among the men who are waiting
one third of the waiting men(, which...)
thirld world science fiction convention
the wold science fiction convention, third such
the fiction convention of world science, third time
science fiction convention of the third world
this wasp's nest
nest of this wasp
this nest of a wasp
this year's class picture
this year's class picture, the class takes one every year.
picture of this year's class, not any other class
this year's class picture, but we also have this year's building picture, this year's principal picture and many other kinds of this year's picture
this picture, not any other of the myriad of year's class pictures
time flies
time does fly
can't time them, they're too fast.
tiny onyx offering to the deity night
tiny onyx making an offering to the deity night
tiny offering, made of onyx, to the deity night
to be seen
to be noticed
must be let take its course until there is an outcome
worth seeing
too: I've been there too
you're not the only one who was there
I've been to many places, and also to that one
total error
error while totalling
a complete error
the sum of errors
translate server error
translate the server error, please
the translator server's error
Transparent Hair Salon Cutting Capes
salon for transparent hair is cutting the capes too
transparent salon for hair is cutting the capes too
the capes for transparent cutting of hair (salon can fit anywhere)
transparent hair capes to cut a salon
traveling light
taking scarce luggage to a trip
a light which travels
turn into
change direction into (a side street, e.g.)
become something else (a frog, perhaps)
turned off TV blues
someone turned the TV blues off
the blues of a switched off TV
someone was turned on the TV blues, but is turned off it now.
twenty dollar bill
banknote valued
bar tab to
a beak priced
twenty five year olds
those of age 25
twenty of those of age 5
two feet of snow
snow is two feet deep
two feet made of snow
two thousand five riots
two thousand and five cases of riot
riots in the year two thousand and five