Ambiguity, thy name is English - P

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paint oneself in a corner
paint one's own picture in a corner
paint the floor and then get stuck in a corner
make a painting of oneself as sitting in a corner
painted nail
a nail depicted on a painting
a fingernail depicted on a painting
a polished fingernail
a nail with a coat of paint over it.
palm shortening
palm oil for cooking
amputation of fingers and possibly other bits
patient experimentation
experimenting, with patience
experiments done by patients
experiment done on patients
pencil eraser
device to erase pencils
eraser mounted on a pencil
pencil-shaped eraser
play: now playing
the song that's currently being played
the game that's currently being played
the musician who is performing at the moment
the role that the actor is playing now
the instrument the musician is playing at the moment
strikes an unspecified bird with a pitch
player strikes bird with soot
player strikes a bird which has a certain pitch
a player leaves an impression on a bird with his pitch
playing card with the most pips
the act of playing a card with the most pips
the ten in the deck of cards
the state of playing a card with the most pips (i.e., while ~, ...)
playing for change
this time, for a change, we play
play some music on the jukebox, takes coins only
bands playing politically loaded music, to bring changes about
plead for some time
plead for a while, then stop
plead to be given some time
polish reviews
reviews done in Poland
Reviews done by Polish reviewers
do polish these reviews
post: 100% post consumer
100% post office consumer
100% after (a) consumer
Potential Loss of Data advice
data advice may get lost
the data loss advice may exist
advice about how to possibly lose the data
press center
apply pressure in the middle
midpoint of a press
press charges
iron the explosives
the proteges of a canteen
accusations from reporters
file accusations against someone
the reporters jump out of the trenches and attack
press one's suit
to iron the tuxedo
to court a lady
printing day sheets
the process of printing the daily sheets
[I'm] printing, right now, the daily sheets
the sheets for the printing day
problem at work
there's a problem where work happens to be
there's a problem which is doing some work
propose: peasants protest the proposed plant
peasants protest the proposition to build a factory
peasants protest the marital agreement with a botanical specimen
public sex scandal
sex scandal which is public
scandal caused by sex in public
scandal caused by, not private but public, sex
public supported radio
radio which is supported by the public
public doesn't support radio anymore
purchase order samples
buy the order samples
the samples of purchase orders
a purchase order is sampling