Ambiguity, thy name is English - M

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machine gun round dance
the dance of the machine gun round
the round dance of the machine gun
make it all up to you
whatever you missed will be made up
make everything dependent on what you say
make it all not taller than you
make it all stand above you, so you can only look up at it
make me an island
make an island for me
make an island out of me
makes you smart
makes you intelligent
irritates your eyes
Manifest destiny
a policy of imperialism rationalized as inevitable (as if granted by God)
What happens to a ship's list of cargo
manual update method
a method to update the manual
an update method which involves handwork
manufacturing plants
botanical organsims which produce
production of botanical organisms
making factories (or other production units)
production units
march day
a day for marching
a day in month of March
Martin's potato rolls
Martin is making rolls out of potatoes
Martin has a potato which is rolling
mean physician income
average physician's income
a mean physician's income
average income of a physician
metal file cabinet
a file cabinet made of metal
a cabinet where tools for filing metal are held
method code
the programming of which one method consists
code of an entry in the list of methods
microsoft works
an application by microsoft, called works
they say microsoft does work, but evidence is inconclusive
military reports
reports of military nature
the military is reporting
something military is reporting
military surplus runway control truck
truck used to control the way the military surplus runs
military truck for control of surplus runway
truck for control of the military surplus runway
mine explosion
explosion of a mine
explosion in a mine
miss: I'll miss you, he said
I'll miss you, he said and fired three shots at her but missed each time
I'll miss you, he said and fired three shots at her; she's now dead and he's missing her
missing chemical weapon
a chemical weapon which always misses
a chemical weapon which is now absent
weapon which uses the missing chemical
missing woman found dead feet from home
missing woman found dead feet, they were from her home
missing woman found dead, just a few feet from her home
more stupid things
more of the stupid things
things which are more stupid
move: I so move
I vote for that
I am soooo moving
myself: found myself a goal of helping others
found, for myself, a goal to help others
found that I am a goal of others' help
found that I am a goal of others who are helping