OK, so I promised SF, so what.
Here it is.


Just like probably many other programmers do, I'm not only a big SF fan (but no F, please, swords and demons are not my favourite dish), I also write some of my own. Since these stories were originally written in Serbocroatian language (which was renamed into just Serbian meanwhile, our neighbors took their ladder and returned our rake when they moved out), I had to translate them myself. I know, as much as poets should be fined each time they read their poems themselves, translating yourself is simply something that's not done. But then, I had no choice - first, nobody else would do it for free, and second, I've planted some nasty games within the language, so it was just fair that I fall into these traps myself.


I have translated only these five (four and a half, actually), and there are not too many more, because I'm a very slow writer. It took me almost twenty years to write twenty stories (quite productive, eh); actually, the one you can't read completely, is still in the works... in both writing and translation.

"and remained so for eight years now. Though I do have some intentions with it... maybe translate bits into English and have people to add sub-stories, a little collective effort maybe, who knows. But then, I didn't post any e-mail address here, which I may probably do once I decide what do I want to do with that story. It already has 48 files and cca 400Kb, all heavily interlinked..."

At least that's what I wrote when I started this site once upon a time in the previous century. Now I've actually done something about it, and here's the "Post on Ajthat"... i.e. it's finally translated - although that doesn't mean it's finished.  I need more material. If you happen to find, even among the texts you wrote yourself, any more of those about Ajthat, the mission, the post, the people, planet and culture, you're welcome to send it to me, and I may find a way to include it in this book.

So whatever you think is cool, generally sucks or is just plain stupid, illogical, too logical, whatever, or if you have a piece of a story to insert, a related "newspaper article" or just plain anything except computer viruses, VB stuff and porn links, you may try my patience.

How many of me is there today

This one has a long history. That's the only one that I know was published. It was in Sirius magazine, issue 84, June 1983, as a part of the 14th "Mini YU-Sirius", where they were giving a chance to the domestic authors. Translated one damp Virginian evening, to honor the 20 years of its first publishing.

From Head to Head

This is a total rework of my third story, written back then in the '80s, when it was just plain bad and unfinished. Any similarity of today's version with the movie "Brainstorm" (with Christofer Walken) is a mystery to me as well. The story was posted (in Serbian) on Sezam BBS and still sits there in the forum, with a date of 1992 or 1991. Anyway, only the beginning of the basic idea is the same. I didn't feel the Hollywood-style urge to burn the whole set in the end. On the contrary.


Engar Pages

(beware the language in this one... that's where I gave myself a hard time, trying to assume this is a future of a different history where Rome never got to be big... just try to clean (purge?) Latin out of English, and you'll see)


Ghost in the machine

(this one actually won some prize, but whoever organized the contest never bothered to send it to me - I was just informed of the honor, and that's all)


Marathon, another round

(This is freshly translated and first published here. You may be the first person ever (or at least in the first dozen) to read this.)


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