Ambiguity, thy name is English - S

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scheduling plant equipment
making a schedule for the equipment which does something with plants
making schedule for planting equipment
equipment for a scheduling plant
plant equipment used in scheduling
scheduling equipment in a (manufacturing) plant
second hand
the hand after the first
the clock's hand showing seconds
second hand shop
where you buy a certain part for your mechanical clockwork
a pre-owned shop
shop with pre-owned merchandise
shop where you get the other hand
second to last
a second of time which has an expiry date far in the future
security scares
more than one security scare
security does scare me
fear-based scams with securities
Semen Donor Determined to be Eligible
semen donor was evaluated and it was determined that he's eligible
semen donor decisively intent to be eligible
server banking
grouping the server computers into banks
balancing the waiters' cash
service control manager
someone who manages control of services
someone who manages servicing of controls
the controlling manager of services
set default error
set the default error, please
the error occurring when trying to set a default
error when executing the "set default" command
she'll let you take her home
she will allow you to take her to her place of residence
she will let you take ownership of her house
show me around
take me to see the place
take me around the place so everyone can see me
shy teen spotlights battle over failing schools
the shy, teen spotlights are battling over failing schools
A shy teen does spotlight the battle over failing schools
sick leaves
many a leaf of this tree is sick
who is sick, does leave
absences justified by medicine
sign in red
write your name in red ink
a sign in red color
silent movie star
star from the silent movie era
a movie star who doesn't speak
since I was 18 until now (36)
as I was 18 all the time until this moment (when I'm 36)
ever since age of 18 until now (when I'm 36)
since the time when I was 18 until now (36)
single: I don't know a single male museum curator
I don't know even one male museum curator, they are all women
I don't know a male museum curator who isn't married
Slow children at play
slow down, children play here
slow the children at play, they are too fast
fast children are busy elsewhere
small boring bit
boredom-causing detail
drill bit
small value detection threshold
small threshold of values which are being detected
threshold of detection of small values
detection threshold which isn't highly valued
Smiley wondered how old Guillam was and guessed
...that he should be around forty
...that old Guillam must be fine, indeed.
smoking ruins
fresh ruins, flames gone but smoke lingers
smoking can ruin things for you
SMPP minimum volume requirement change
the minimal change of the SMPP volume which is required
a minimal change of the SMPP volume is required
the minimal required SMPP volume is changed
the change of the SMPP minimum is required
solar space heating
space heated by something solar
the heating of the solar space
soldiers have got their orders
vojinici su dobili svoja naređenja
vojnici su dobili šta su naručili (u kafani, menzi)
somebody called Jefferson
somebody yelled "hey, Jefferson"
somebody, whom others called Jefferson
space bar
the long key on the keyboard
cosmic watering hole
a bar inserted into two pieces to keep them spaced
space rocks
rocks from orbit and beyond
the universe does rock
the empty room between objects is swinging
make some room between the stones
spot in the distance
a place far away
to espy from afar
spring break
time when schools don't work, usually in april
mechanical malfunction of the elastic element
stage coach
The diligence, a solidly built coach with four or more horses
trainer for those with stage fright or those who need to appear in public
stainless steel sinks
sinks made of stainless steel
stainless steel doesn't float
stand for: what does it stand for?
instead of what is it there?
what is it replacing?
what is it an abbreviation for?
what cause does it defend?
stand: one night stand
night stand, by the bed
sex affair lasting one night
standard issue
regular edition
standard problem
problem of standards
state building
the process of building of a state
a building belonging to a state
stick: cotton sticks
cotton stays attached to a surface
still white wine
wine which dind't change color, still white after all this years
table white wine
street name
name of the street
one's name on the street
stricter means test
a stricter test of means
a test of stricter means
the meaning of "stricter" is "test"
test done with stricter means
stricter means are testing
string pool validation lives on
string pool validation still lives
string pool on which validation lives
surveyed roughly 500 students
500 students were exposed to a rough survey
surveyed about 500 students
swiss branded watches
brand named chronometers from Switzerland
a Swiss guy was branded and is now watching
chronometers branded by a Swiss guy
chronometers branded in a Swiss way
a Swiss guy was branding watches
The Swiss used to brand their watches with hot iron
switch positions
positions of a switch
change the places
a switch does the positioning